Papel Epson Profesional Stylus 75 Mate Doble Gramaje 24"X82 [ S041385 ]

Papel Epson Profesional Stylus 75 Mate Doble Gramaje 24"X82 [ S041385 ]


Epson Doubleweight Matte Paper, 94%, 30 sec

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An economical, heavyweight paper, Doubleweight Matte Paper is the perfect solution for affordable, high quality output from the EPSON Stylus Pro series wide-format printers. Applications include promotional pieces, fine art, photographs, professional layouts, courtroom graphics, proofs, displays and posters. A low-cost alternative for high-resolution output, this paper is compatible with both dye and pigment ink. With instant ink drying for added convenience, this paper can also be easily laminated for a glossy-finished look and as a means of protection from excessive light and moisture.

Like all of Epson's innovative media, this paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible. Epson's printer driver software actually optimizes the amount of ink released onto the page, based on the type of paper used. As always, EPSON supplies guarantee EPSON quality.

-Flat matte surface to eliminate glare.
-Doubleweight thickness for added durability.
-Dries instantly for easy handling with Epson inks.
-High color gamut for excellent color reproduction.
-Versatile and easy to laminate for most applications.
-Paper base for quality and affordability.
-Dye and pigment ink compatibility to reduce large inventory requirements.

Epson Doubleweight Matte Paper. Opacity: 94%. Drying time printing media: 30 sec
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Drying time printing media30 sec
: S041385
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Rápido! Solo 23 artículos en stock.

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